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Looking in the mirror, is a daily activity for most of us, but I ask you what do you see when you look in the mirror? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? and what do you notice most? Three simple questions, maybe you could answer them for me.

It’s amazing at times the conclusion we come to when we look into a mirror, and the biggest fault is not seeing ourselves as we really are, or not wanting to, maybe better said. For those of us that are vain, we are also intelligent and know that the law of gravity applies to us all, we don’t maybe like it, but that’s the way it is, so what is all the fuss and worry about. 

When we talk about turning situations into a positive state, why do we not apply it here, yes we would all like to have the skin totally wrinkle free like an 18-year-old, but we are not 18, so if we are 30, 40 50, or 60 and look good for our age where is the problem, the 18year old can’t have your mature nature and experience either, our looks are not all we have to offer, as people we have much more, that attractive inicial connection we have can be anything, it’s not all down to a pretty face, I have heard many times when people explain their partner in life, I don’t know what it is, but I just know this is my life partner, when we are young (very young) we never seem to worry about scratching under the surface as I call it, this is very important, because your prize that you wear on your arm, is also going to age, and if you really only have a physical attraction the next 50 years could be like a 100, and nobody wants that do they? 

If you take care of yourself as best you can, your beauty will not fade, it will in fact become more interesting, more mature and if those wrinkles are laughing lines you have it all………………….

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Every stage of life that we go through, meaning the years we go through, we experience many things and we should be very proud of everyone, our age is nothing more than numbers put together, it is how we deal with those numbers that count, we are as old as we feel, young people at times are like those that have lived a hundred years !! Not only mentally but physically also, I know people of 80 that are total to be in awe of, they are fit, active and have a beauty about them that is beyond words, why, because this is what they have decided for themselves they live every day full of energy and love, they keep up with the times, they are young in there heart and outlook. 

When we start to look at age in a different way, we are happier, no matter what age you are now if you are working in a job you love, you have to have a certain age to get there, when you have children the same applies, and when they grow, which they say is when the years go quicker, think of all the joy and happiness they have brought you and will bring you, if you were not the age you are, you would not have these feelings, would you really want to miss out on all that, and of course, don’t let us forget grandchildren, this is a pleasure that until you live through it, no one can explain to you, like your children, your whole world centers around them.

So, when you look in the mirror, see who you really are, look into your eyes and really see happiness, happiness for yourself, of the achievements you have gained, how proud you are of yourself, your career, your family, your life, every day is a challenge in one or another, and we know this, so accept these challenges as positive, this is what makes us who and what we are, feel good about the challenges you have overcome and don’t be afraid of what may come. Look into your mirror, be brave and see confidence towards the person who is looking back at you, this wonderful person is you, and as we have said before “ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF” because you are beautiful and kind inside and out. 

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

http://www.facebook com/brookesmitham

10 Comments on “LOOKING IN THE MIRROR……………..

  1. Très joli !! me gusta mucho como as hablado del tema de los años que passan …y con el tiempo tenemos mas a vuesto activo…..


  2. The older we get the more the reflection rings true of the life behind it. We are seeing ourselves in the solid hologram of experience. As long as we live, we can replace the image we have created with whatever other form we wish. All we have to do to change, is to be that change.


  3. Love the line – if the wrinkles are laughing lines, you have got it all!
    I have realized that for most people looking into their own eyes literally and feeling love, is the most courageous and sometimes most difficult act of all.


  4. I see the best me that I know myself to be with or without makeup, head rag or coiffed. Although I usually check out all of me, I concentrate mainly on my eyes. They truly ARE windows to the soul. Lastly, I give myself a *WINK!* 🙂

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