This has to be the big question in Network Marketing, can I trust the person I am dealing with, and are they honest, or are they just going to tell me everything they think I want to hear! My personal opinion on this is to maybe go at a slower pace, but know that the people you are introducing trust you 100% because you have proved yourself over a period of time, with them and helped them with everything possible, every person is different and will take on board various things at different times and levels, and that is just fine, people need to feel comfortable with what they are doing and more than anything understands, for some, this is a totally new world, new language, and even lifestyle, this is not the same as a typical 9 to 5 corporate job, this whole world is new, they need to be self-disciplined and if this is new to them, they will be lead by example, in fact, everything is done that way, each person will place their personal twist on things, but the basics, if done well, should merely be followed, so the importance of a good example is highly important.

Intelligence is needed, not to have knowledge of the skills you may need, they can be learned as you go on your personal journey of Network Marketing, but maybe intelligence can be in emotional intelligence, when working with other people, as you grow and guide teams and introduce your business, knowing how to handle people in distinct circumstances, will take a considerable amount of emotional intelligence, not to forget that each one is different and will hold their own emotional intelligence on different levels, and again don’t forget “all eyes are on you,” you set the example, and people remember what was said and how……..which brings us to point number two, Energy, the energy you take with you, everywhere you go is how people see you, you are responsible for the energy you take into a room with you, not how many cartwheels you do at the entrance !! Your personal energy is something that is felt, its what we call good vibes, people can pick up on these things, very quickly, your energy is a little of mood, manners, attitude all mixed together, and the obvious energy that you are not falling asleep, the more energy you give out, the more you get back, again you are followed, copied, you should be able to see it in others, by saying all of this, we must not make the mistake of thinking that after a certain amount of time, everyone will be like yourself, this does not happen, as previously said everyone is different, and will work things in their way with their personal touch, some will be good and successful and others not as fortunate, many people lose steam on the first few laps of this journey, Network Marketing is a long planned out work schedule, it takes time to built a solid sound team, as many people will come and go, but Network Marketing is always rewarding and great personal satisfaction can be achieved both professionally and financially.

If you are interested in making a change in your life and would like to know more about working in Network Marketing, drop me a message or email, and let me know what your thoughts are.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


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