You & Thinking

So what part of this do people not get,…………? We create the thoughts, they just don’t float in, and if even that was the case! we have the power to dispose of them…….yes you, nobody else….you are your boss, you rule, your thoughts your power, others only do this when we give them the power to do so, so if this is your case, you need to take your power back, if you want it? 

People very often state that they want to be their own person, their own boss, well, you can do this if that is what you truly want and feel, but you must be prepared to take on this task and the responsibility. You owe this to yourself. Our mind is in some ways extremely complex but also extremely simple, our mind reacts to what we allow in and out! This is simple, but many do not understand this extremely simple step, you really do control this, when you have something on your mind and in fact, this something starts to torment you, sit, stop and think about how the thought came about in the first place, (by you continually thinking about it) however although you may not be able to resolve this problem the way you would like with a totally happy outcome for everyone concerned, you can change the way you think about it, face the fact that the solution is not going to be what you want, short or maybe longterm, allow this into your life, into your mind, and then choose the next best steps for you to take! When you do this, the weight is not so great, your mind has less whizzing around in it and you feel less anxious and calmer, you change (for the better) it’s the difference between fighting or accepting a solution, however so hard it may be, from time to time life throws us a problem, that seems so unfair and out of line for us, but that is life, and it proves we are alive to live it…………

change and think

Remember, probably one of my favorite universal laws, The Law of Allowance, we do not and do not have to agree, but we allow, and you keep your inner peace 

Brooke – Universal & Relationship Coach.

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