Today is one of those days, tick tock tick tock you go against the clock all day long, I have been out and about today and it really playsimages clock violet

havoc with your normal time table, and the added stress, how do you catch up, and it’s a fiesta day in a part of my region, so the traffic is double, some people just don’t seem to realize that sightseeing and driving are two totally different things, especially when they do it at the same time! However, we just try to catch up the best way we can. images clock paris

But, have you noticed that the day your routine changes, and you can’t avoid it, it’s always the day you have to make a special meal, the day you really wanted to work on a special assignment or prepare your post as you would normally. So this is my way of saying “I’m sorry about my post today, and hope to provide a worthy read tomorrow” Have a great evening or day, depending on your little place on earth, be happy and let’s hope that the tick-tock is kinder to you today than it has been to me………………….

images clock pink rose

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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