Are there certain things in your life that you just have to pass on, to your friends, children to people you care about, we all have wisdom within that is worth passing on, although at times depending on who we wish to pass our wisdom to, it just may fall on deaf ears, although most of the time deaf ears do have the ability to hear, loud and clear, and use the little piece of wisdom you have passed on at a later date, the importance lies in the fact that it has been heard and taken on board, how many times do we feel that we are starting to sound like our parents or grandparents!! But wisdom is wisdom and it sticks within our minds. To be told to “take one day at a time”, when you are young may seem like a terrible waste of time, but as the years roll by or we acquire more experience it takes on a new meaning and we understand it in a different way, we realize that life will take its course, tomorrow, next month or next year will still come round, so by taking one day at a time, makes so much sense, to worry in advance is a waste of our energy….. when we are confronted with a problem in life, we at times see no way out, no matter what, but every problem has a solution, we can always find a way through, and this is so true, but we need a little of life experience to know that this is so perfectly true, to pass on how strong and confident one needs to be is also good sound wisdom, independence is a wonderful word and state of mind, we all need someone but we have no necessity to be needy….your value of who you are is also to be well remembered, you are as good as anyone else, do not let insecurity creep into your life, have the wisdom as to who you are, another excellent piece of wisdom is to be aware of being to trusting and vulnerable to others, friends can be a strange thing and to believe someone is your friend because they are friendly is not always quite true, and of course the greatest wisdom you can hold is to be kind, have self interest, see all sides your heart will be lighter and your life more beautiful.

Be wise and pass on your wisdom, live a beautiful life and give the possibilities to others, we all have wisdom that is worth passing on………

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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