Motivation and excellence can at many times be tied together, when we motivate as a group maybe in your job or family, we need the participation of others, when we search for motivation and excellence it can mean a change in attitude and conduct, which is not easy, as individuales we are soley responsible but when we talk of a team or group in a work situation it is far from easy, as we cannot obligate others to participate if they do not wish to do so, and if this is the case I would suggest not to attempt it, however when it is in a work situation motivation can be reached by what is known as material incentives when working towards a collective goal, this is not always related to money, many people can be motivated by acknowledgement of what they do, they are noticed and this is important, although they may earn a lower scale salary they are motivated because  they are seen for what they do, there input is mentioned, at times people can lose their motivation simply by being passed by in the form of communication,they feel left out whether it be for respect or there position or on a personal level, they feel bad, not considered and maybe forgotten, however when they are informed,and kept in the loop they feel good,recognised and motivated and of course respected, communication is a great positive incentive for motivation and of course excellence on a personal or working level.To participate with an idea or to be asked is also a form of acknowledging the capacity of thought,instead of being presented with something already done and polished,we are all human and like to be recognised for our efforts by those around us, we all have a capacity to think, some are more creative than others, but we all like a pat on the back, this in it self creates motivation and excellence to do our best.


When we are looking to show our best side our excellence, it is the moment when we must make the most of our own human resources, when we show our pure potencia,capabilities and attitude the best we know how. To improve our motivation and excellence we must never leave the learning curve, we are all in a continual state of education, life can be our education, the experience we obtain will guide us always, To do things well come at a cost, but to do things badly can come at an extra cost,on a personal level, we all know that things done by two as one are better,the motivation to carry on is stronger, as a family together all rowing in the same direction is also great motivation and brings more happiness and in a working situation when we all work together the result can be of the charts, when we reach this level of motivation in our personal lifes we also reach our excellence. And life is good !!

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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