You may be thinking, but hold on we have just got over Christmas, but did you know that many people go skiing in the month of February, or you could be preparing for the Easter break and of course the annual summer holiday! Whichever it may be stress-free is the way to go…… times should not be a time of draining you of all the energy you have, however, if you are trying for total perfection you are going to stress yourself right out….just try to find a point of balance between what you want from your destination and what you are looking for yourself, you do not have to do what people expect you to do, within the dates of annual holidays.

Wherever you may be going the organization is very important, but not stressful………give yourself time before your departure, don’t leave everything until the last week to do everything, the things you need to buy can be bought over a period of time and put away, this can be normal high street shopping or via the internet, if you are shopping local, tie it in with a nice day in Town, a coffee or light lunch, break the day up and enjoy the whole sensation of holiday preparation,make and list and make the most of your time.

If by nature you are a little control freak, you are going to have a bad time, you cannot do everything, well you can but why, there is no need, delegate and ask for help, you may find that others loved to be asked and enjoy knowing they are helping you and sharing the load, team work can go really well.

Make the planning as simple as possible, if you are going to host the family reunion in your home, make the easiest recipe you know, not the most difficult, this will only add stress, you can also get each family member to bring something with them. Don’t forget also that in between all the organization etc., to rest when necessary, you do not want to sleep or be tired all the duration of your holiday.

Another good point is to remember the word NO it is a simple little word that you maybe do not use as much as you should, using it from time to time can release a lot of stress from coming your way, negotiate and spread the jobs around a little, you do not have to say yes all the time. Having the ability to close your hearing off is very wise, and pull on your great humour, just ignore any kind of conflictive comment, not everyone feels the same circumstances or situations, just change the subject and carry on, you are not backing down or giving in, you are keeping your peace and you are stress free.


Universal Life & Relationahip Coach

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