Tones and colours that transforms into deep sentiments, Colour’s that shape and forms our lives, our style and well being. Baby pink, rose colour, this could be a hopeless romantic that is totally unaware of who they are, this colour can represent joy,tenderness,simplicity and innocence, it softens the attitude of the person that wears it, and we get a peek at who they really are, there are romantic’s and they don’t know. This colour can bring you positivity and in style is one of the most pretty colours, it can be seen in your clothes,your home little touches here and there and probaly in your favourite flowers,it is a colour that blends into any part of your life and in any season.

images clock pink rose

Red is for the brave and passionate, it gives you security and governs your personality, if you have red in your life, it’s because you are sure of yourself and step firmly in your life,it represents energy and passion, people who have a tendency to this colour will start and see everything through to the end, overcoming all obstacles, it gives you positive values and you have pure passion in everything you do, the feel the strength in a home marked with red, and of course red roses can say many things.


Green, may be a colour you need around you, if your childhood was spent in the country rural areas you may hold the picture of green pastures,beautiful tree’s and rich green bush areas, this colour inspires life,inside and out,a house without plants,is a house without life,green is also a great stress reliever it takes your mind away from urban streets,highways and traffic. Green lifts the spirits,it’s fresh,revitalizing and also soothing,well loved plants in a house, can make a house into a home.

images Easter green tree and eggs

White, can transmit cleanliness,purity,light, a person dress’s or decorates in the function of how they feel, if we look inside of ourselves and seek serenity,white will always be there,it’s fresh and comfortable and mixes perfect with other colours if you are looking for it to pop,white also brings tranquility,warmth and freshness at the same time,how natural and impressive is a vase of white margaritas,narcisos white tea roses and freshly fallen snow,simply wonderful

images easter flowers white and yellow

Black, deep purple can really define you and who you are, maybe a night owl who finds comfort in the night waiting for inspiration in the twilight to come, black can be elegant,seductive,rock and roll,simple even masculine, it is very versatile and can set the mood for many scenes,black like the night can bring tranquility where your creative side can flourish,incense can fill your sense of smell and within tones, lavender can bring you the relaxation.
The colours of our lives,brings out are sentiments, our sentimental side shows who we are so if you are finding it difficult to read some one, take note of the main colours in there lives, it might give you a little helpful hand and an insight into that person.


Brooke Universal Life Coach



3 Comments on “YOUR COLOUR,….YOUR STRENGTH……………………………………………….

  1. Amazing blog post Brooke! I think the colour red is also considered an important one in Chinese tradition. I remember studying this at school. The colour red brings you luck and prosperity! Perhaps this is why the Chinese flag is mainly red. 🧧


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