Maybe one of the most colourful vibrant times of the year, a definite sign of re-birth everything around us tends to pop with life and colour, and this should include you… Spring is a great time for a change of image, let a new you be born, step up and step out in any area you wish, your energy levels will be high and the first bursts of sunshine can be seen or even felt, just luring us on as to what is to come, in my case, beautiful meditterean sunshine and that good feeling all over, filling yourself with wonderful vitamins that the sunlight supplies us (not over doing it, of course) we start to live outdoors alot more, we start the BBQ up, the pretty coloured pots and plants bloom and we match our sun umbrellas and cushions giving us a good vibe feeling, we refresh our homes with pretty delicate colours and seasonal blooms!! Play with everything spring has to offer, bring the spring into your home, and enjoy the natural perfumes this season has to offer, layering soft textils and colours to spark up your life, a perfect spot for your spring relaxation.

This is also the time of year we celebrate Easter, as it gives us the perfect moment to show off our best china and our favourite little bits and pieces!! We can decorate our home again, with pastel spring colours, it’s all gentle and soft little posies around our home, windowsills that invite us to look inside and enjoy the atmosphere within, invite friends and family have an abundance of your garden or windowbox florals, create pretty floral arrangements and give them a place of honour, create your little corners of floral and fragrant explosions, remember that it is all in the details you give your home, you are unique and your home also. Have fun, revel in colour and all your favourite little things……..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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