As humans we come into this world with a want to be loved, we are lovable little creatures, and can create love where ever we go ! or not? 

We now know that adults with problems regarding love in later life, can be due to a lack of maternal love, this is how we become indifferent to the feelings of people close to us, the disinterest shown to others and relationships is a clear indicator of a person who does not know motherly (or infant) love. If you did not feel this love from the person who has always been at your side whoever has taken that role in your life, you will not feel their solidarity, or how they can show affection or their generosity and therefore have a lack of these qualities in your life and relationships, however, we can learn to be sensitive to the needs and wants of people close to us. Because don’t forget some girls and boys become Mothers and Fathers, and although we remember our childhood,  and we all know what we would like more of in our life and that of our children, I personally think it is the most wonderful and important job of our lives, nothing can compare, and people who have not had children, should not comment, until they have, your idea can totally change, I can promise you that! When you hold your child for the first time, the feeling is totally beyond explanation and you would move heaven and earth to obtain what they need, and this responsibility is now in your hands. 

love 2

As adults we display are humanitarian side, this is the side that children learn and form who they become, it is a mirror effect, as we grow older we may not be happy with our childhood formation and we always have the opportunity to change and improve how we feel, how we show our emotions to ourselves and others. When a loving environment is given correctly from birth, it is like a guarantee for peace, as we all try to avoid suffering and want to provide well-being for all around us, this situation involves us all. So why is it so difficult for some of us to give a baby its needs, could it be because as adults we function with is lack of necessities as children, which we are not satisfied with, which belong to our past, or do we feel that if someone is not permanently caring for us in the world would we feel the world is a hostile place? 

love 5

Brooke – Universal Life & Relationship Coach.


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