It’s the week-end and at my end of the world the rain is pouring down, possible snow alert and definite drop in the temperature, so where has spring gone……. disappeared for a little while, so we say good-bye to quality gardening time, nice long walks and generally put on hold our spring activities, until that soft breeze and spring sunshine returns, so you have to bring that inner sunshine to yourself, maybe a lazy day, a nice warm bath and spoil yourself, remember you always deserve that extra pamper time, maybe today is the day….. a great book is always a favourite on days like today, or go through your magazines, we always miss things on our first view,your favourite sofa blanket and if your really lucky a well-earned siesta, and of course the best part of the week-end has to be the Sunday morning sleep, no alarm clock, so make the most of your week-end, relax, think of yourself, pamper if possible and enjoy, whatever your choice……Be happy

Have a great weekend………..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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