Have you ever been referred to as a delicate person, or are you just a sensitive soul, this does not make you delicate, in fact if you show your emotions you are also showing your strength. 

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When people are sensitive, some will form the opinion that they are broken and something is definitely a miss, this is not the case a sensitive person is very aware, in fact awareness is one of their given gifts, they can pick up on the feelings of those around us, they think deeply about life and very deeply about love, the simplest things in life, can at times mean the most to them. 

When one is sensitive it is not a plus or a minus regarding you, it shows that you have a tremendous big heart and you are not afraid to show it but exposing your emotions you at the same time expose how strong you are. What would it mean if you cried all day ? this would not mean you were sad all the time, tears can be shed for many reasons and happiness and sensitivity are some of those reasons, we can listen to music, watch a movie, read a book, simply view a beautiful sight or little children, even animals can bring on that sensitive moment for us but we are not sad, we are merely appreciating the beauty around us, we are tuned in to the energy level that is around us at the time, you cannot change that, you cannot harden up emotionally sensitive people are compassionate you hold a sense to feel energy and pain within others,when you are a friend to some one, you are a wonderful friend you will feel others feelings and care for them, you are kind and thoughtful, a wonderful listener a warm and loving person and you are extremely loyal .

sensitive post

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  1. There’s nothing numb about me. I’ll take a grounded sensory experience over any other. I love your explanations of what being sensitive means, which I hope clears it up for anyone reading who thinks it makes you soft.

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