“Money will always match your mindset”

Are we really aware of our own limiting beliefs, this really is the most important part of changing anything in our life, our limited beliefs can take everything from us, and we don’t even realise what is happening,have you ever had your pocket picked and never felt or saw a thing ? Until it was to late of course, well, that is how limiting beliefs work…………..so you really have to address this problem, because until you put this right you will never attract anything to you, in fact you are probaly pushing it away from……………………………..a long way from you. You must align your mind with where you want to go, this means you have to be on the same page, not just for the time you are asking, but always, i admit it is easier said than done, but you can do it, and a good place to start, is to believe YOU CAN, be what you want, know where you want to go and become it, long before you do, if you don’t master this achieving mindset you will never get there. When I was thinking about this post, I came across this quote by the Olympic Gold Medalist Jesse Owens, “We all have big dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self discipline, and effort”this is so true, and many of us let our mindset conduct our life, but in the wrong direction, imagine if you master your mindset to the correct direction of where you wish your life to go, and as I have said many times, you do not need others, you do not need money, you just need yourself to make the decisión for change, to know what you want, where you want to go and to be there in your mind before it turns into your new reality, there are three main core beliefs that cannot be ignored, the need to love yourself, this will show you that you deserve, if you have no love you cannot obtain your dream/goal whether it be money or what ever you are looking for, Accept compliments and acceptance in general of all the good things about yourself.And the belief  in its self, this belief can be invisible and at times incredibly destructive, start and work with your beliefs first.

You deserve to succeed

When you don’t love yourself, you also feel that you don’t deserve, that you are unworthy, you do deserve everything life has to often, it is there for you, you deserve your nice clothes, house, car etc., use them all, don’t keep things for special outings etc., you are telling yourself you are only worth this on a special day etc., Don’t feel that some people are better than you, it’s not true, it’s just how you see things in this moment, it’s your choice of thoughts, change those thoughts, we are all different and unique, and what one has the other does not and vice versa, our thoughts on money can seriously hold us back, money is a tool, money is not the root of all evil, It is not that you love money – it is what it can give you, freedom is a big one of those things, freedom to enjoy your family and life in general, to follow your passion, money really is secondary. You maybe think that money just appears and flows to rich people, this is not the case, generally it is because they don’t chase it, just to have much more, their beliefs are align with their  mind and thoughts, they desire the life it can give them. Can you see the difference? Money is a simple Exchange for something else, when you start to see things in this way and change your beliefs that hold you back, then you can attract money into your life. While you hold feelings of money being bad, evil, a terrible problem, never enough, you actually block the flow yourself, allow money to enter your life, change those beliefs.

Awareness is so important regarding what you want, what ever it may be , identify your blocks and change them deal with them, and reléase them, get rid of them. When you set out on the journey of expulsing your old beliefs, think of the belief and the emotion that is attached to it – whether you feel you don’t deserve, you are mad, sad worthless ? It is nothing more than a perception on your part you choose how you feel, you choose to reléase these beliefs .

Imagen your worth it

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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