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How true do you think this quote is ? It’s spring and love is in the air, as they say ! So I have been giving this subject some thought, do we love, the way we should or do we love the way we would want to be loved. There is a big difference, because we are all different, if we love someone the way we would want to be loved, it could be the complete opposite of what that person wants, you see, human nature always tries to please the other, especially when two people meet and start a relationship. We always agree with everything, both parties are guilty of this, you know, when you are asked where would you like to go? Oh I don’t mind wherever you want to go? ….you see, what I am talking about…we all do it, and it can be anything any subject, coffee, shopping, the beach, a walk, we generally just want to please the other, but it is important that we take into consideration both parties feelings and likes and dislikes, the timing is also important, to soon, a little heavy and to late………could spell disaster. So it should be handled with care, but also when we only see things through one’s eyes can also be a disaster.Maybe we are very tactile, we love to hold hands, to have your arm stroked, you love it, maybe the other person does not, maybe we are happy being alone,anywhere, reading a book…this could be the perfect picture for you, but the other no… you see where I am going, at the beginning of a relationship we really do not give these things a lot of thought, but as time goes on and the relationship turns into something more serious, all these maybe little things will come to the surface. The attitude of “I just learn to live with it” will not work well, can you imagine having your arm stroked for the rest of your life, if you really dislike it !! it sounds humourous but day in day out it would drive us nuts !!

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We all need to be open as we all know that communication in an relationship is one of the most important things, we all also know what we need from a relationship,and we also all know that nobody is perfect including ourselves, relationships are about give and take,but not a life of continual dislikes and disagreements. Hitting a happy half way, is not as easy as it sounds, but it is possible, when both parties are seeking the same thing,to listen and understand your partner is a gift that not everyone has. When two caring, understanding people are together they have a connection that is invisible to the eye, but can be felt in the air. 

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As we never know what life has install for us, or what is going to be taken away from us, it gives us more reason to live in the moment, and enjoy everyday to the best of our possibilities, to be happy within those moments. Love is not only present in the life of couples, we have love for our families, friends, places, even our pets. This kind of love is different but none the less it is love in our life, for anyone who feels they do not have love in their life, I wonder if it is them that closes of to love, and, If we were more open to love in our life, would we find it easier to find ? Or does it not work that way ?

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4 Comments on “LOVE IS IN THE AIR…………

  1. Nice article.
    To me, a relationship can only run smooth if the priorities of both the parties are considered. At times, its not possible. One has to sacrifice for the other which can only be maintained in a relationship of mutual high understanding.

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  2. You really spread out a whole lot of information in such a short instant to my read! This post holds truth at it’s highest peak. Truly educational! – Cezane.


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