The way you prepare your suitcase and bags for your journey, will tell who ever is watching the kind of person you are…. your baggage holds all the secrets………. this generally falls into three categories the perfectionist, the practical one or the one that forgets everything….. the perfectionist will probably start to prepare weeks ahead, may even make a list (love lists) it’s like preparing for a marathon…. they will be calm because they need total control and forgetting something is not part of the plan, it could totally ruin the holiday, usually a perfectionist does not like to have events not planned, they like to have everything under control. Their baggage will hold everything “in the event of ” it will hold all types of clothing and accessories . There travel plans are usually comfortable and well planned from the moment of departure, destination and everyday plans  and return journey included.

The practical person usually travels light,as they know how to adapt to situations and will have no problem in changing a suitcase for a knapsack, doing the baggage is just part of the motions for the practical person, and is normally done on the same day, as they only take the necessary needed and only give importance to essentials to the journey, maybe a vaccination or visas were needed. They are flexible people with a high tolerance to stress and events not planned. They don’t let change or challenges affect them.It’s not a problem if they have to wear the same shirt a few days ,the only negative point is the over confidence in their abilities, this can create at times a situation to get out of control, but, make no mistake that this traveller will always enjoy themselves and their spirit of adventure where ever they go.

The haphazard forgettable person never has a packing plan, it is all left to the last-minute,which with lack of time, gives way for things to be forgotten, important or not, the obvious is left behind. However for this kind of person these left items have no importance and is put right and sorted at their destination,even in the worse case of having to buy items that they forget in the luggage.The only thing that has importance is to enjoy themselves and to make the most of their holiday time, the luggage is prepared quickly and running not taking any order of what goes in or not, they don’t even look at the weather forecast hot, cold storms wind, they are totally disorganised, but their personality always shows through they can resolve any problem and always have fun and a good sense of humour, they choose  their destination at the last-minute, and at times this is more expensive than if they had looked previously at early booking offers.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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