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You may be wondering why I chose this title today, I have received more emails regarding your future and using The Law of Attraction if you are having problems in visualising exactly what you want, (which seems a big problem for many) it is possible that a  solution is in a movie, a movie regarding your perfect life, starting at the beginning and run with it till the end, you have to be the main character of course, don’t take any other role, take a deep breath and let your future life start to appear image behind image running into a beautiful feature film, you know they say that at times when our life comes to an end, our life passes in front of our eyes, well, you need to guarantee yourself that it is going to be oscar winning !! no joking apart, this is a fabulous way and in many cases a lot easier for people to do, see and watch what and who you want in your life and how you would like it to unfold. Once you make these great decisions, the universe will work with you it will conspire to make it all happen, you have to let go and just know it will happen for you, your job is to listen to your inside power, take note of your intuition when it speaks to you, and let the universe do the rest. Happiness is not something we can go out and buy, so don’t always be fooled if you think you are going to be very happy if you have financial abundance, yes, money can make life easier, but will it make you happy or happier ! Happiness comes from your own actions………

movie life 1 

You really can have the life of your dreams, the life that you choose the life that you want, as long as you believe that you can, do not give up and create the reality you deserve, moving always in the direction of that dream. If your life is not how you wish it to be right now, stop and think why not, what is not right, your job your partner your general situation, at times the simple way we look at this and express ourselves can be wrong, if we sit back and take a long look at what we are not happy with and handle it from a totally new perspective it can change our whole world and the life we are living in it, a change of thought can bring a change of life……….

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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