When we think of the word appreciation, what do we think,cooperation, understanding,value,thank you ? It is a wonderful word that can be expressed for many reasons and in many ways. And can also be used in silence, appreciation can be shown without a word.  Appreciation is a grand thing, it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. It is one of the biggest gifts you can bestow on someone to show recognition. A person who feels appreciation will always do much more than is expected, it’s naturally pours from their being. Are we born with this, or do we learn to appreciate others ? I think maybe a little of both, how we expand and grow and maybe even in which circumstances, will define our capacity to recieve and give appreciation. I say this, because we are all (I think) taught from a young age to say and express a please and thankyou, but sadly not everyone use these two simple words to say and express. At times, I feel that basic manners are a thing long forgotten, to open a door for someone to give up your seat, are all things to be appreciative about, to show your appreciation for, and no I am not 100 years old, I just like to see and give basic manners and more, but basic manners is a start and essential in my world.

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Do you feel appreciated ? Would you like to be appreciated ? And how do you know you are not appreciated ?

Three big question’s, We should all feel appreciated in some form, even if it’s from your pet dog, animals show so much appreciation, it can be seen in there eyes, pure love and appreciated and not a word is said ! However human appreciation is very uplifing, the person who gives that uplift are the best kind, you don’t simple keep them, you should treasure them forever. If you appreciate someone in your life, but have never expressed it, now is the time, don’t let another day go by, state or show your appreciation it’s good for you and good for the person receiving your appreciation.It’s a feel good moment for all concerned. 

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If you have food, clothes, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are actually richer and more fortunate than 75% of the world, imagine that, and if we add friends, family, work, happy relationships and a community of bloggers like we have here, don’t you think we should show appreciation, because we certainly have alot to be appreciative about……….I’ll leave you with that thought. 

3 Comments on “APPRECIATE……………………

  1. I hear you. Manners go a long way. I have managed to pull of some amazing feats just by using my manners. Respect starts with oneself. I want to be treated with respect the way I understand it and I want other people to treat me with respect in the way I understand it. What is tricky is some people have different ideas about what respect is. Some people under or over value themselves. I do think I have got a point in my life where I have a more positive sense of self respect and I give that to others and when I receive the same respect back. I do feel appreciated and more willing to engage. Well, tht is my two cents wroth đŸ˜€

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  2. Muy bueno !! si pensamento…..por un buen comportamiento…para uno mismo y para los que los reciben, aprecio, el reconocimiento, la comprension, el respeto… si se aplican estas palabras que bueno podemos estar …

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