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Most of us, love family tradition, Family traditions create positive feelings in families, they create memories, they strenghen your family bonds, they enrich the life you share and give general well-being.

Tradition’s can be annually, but they can even be daily, eating one meal a day together, is a tradition, with the tv, mobile devices etc., it is so easy to loose face to face conversation, and finally your re-connect each day time. Eating daily together can be valuable time, for everyone to express how they are and what is new in their life.

images family that eat together

Annual events are probaly the most popular due to families growing and starting their own families and tradition’s, which may vary a little to accomodate new members, but respect the original traditions of the original family incorporating the new members, we have Christmas probaly the biggest of them all, which most families split over the two principal days, one day with one family and the second with the new family, when it is not possible for them all to be together. Then we have New Year, Easter, Birthday’s, Weddings, Halloween etc., these are all times when families have the wonderful occasion to be together and enjoy. These are the times when family photo’s should always be taken, they also form part of the memories we hold. Memories are usually emotional and we miss people dear to us that are no longer here, this is why family traditions should never be forgotten, they hold an importance to all of us. Now we have Easter approaching shortly, which I am sure we all hold some form of tradition, children looking for easter eggs, that the easter bunny will hide from them, hidden within a garden or there secret place, others that holding their faith will attend the church, families will be together, and where it is not possible, due to obligation’s distance etc., they will be with us in our hearts always. 

Never let your tradition’s go, they are your joy of your NOW and your memories of tomorrow. In this fast moving world we loose so many things but this should not be one of them, and this is down to us to keep them alive.

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  1. so true 🙂 My biggest dream is to have my Gran who lives in a care home and she has the last stages of vascular Dementia to be there for the ceremony on my wedding day. Her main care worker has worked so hard to get her strong enough to come. It looks like my dream will come true -fingers crossed. She is doing so well. And I will have pictures to treasure forever. .

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  2. Muy bonito, buenos momentos no se olvidan y es por esso que me encanta tomar fotos por los buenos recuerdos ….

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  3. So very true. I grew up in an Italian household with very strong family traditions and a huge sense of community. Sadly now my mum is in care and unable to speak and I feel as though I’ve lost a part of myself. But I have my own family so I guess it’s all a cycle of family loves and making new memories. Thanks for a lovely post.

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  4. You are so right about this! Its important to make time for those closest to us. In my house, I insist we all eat together with the devices down. Some days, it might be the only time we see each other! Can’t lose that…for sure 🙂


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