Confidence is probably the most important emotion we can feel, don’t you just feel great when you bounce into the world feeling wonderful, beautiful comfortable in your own skin and surrounding and you just have that feel-good vibe within you… but of course, we can have the opposite kind of day when we feel anything except wonderful and we are not happy with ourselves or our surroundings, that is when we need a few resources to fall back on if we wear our favorite outfit, the second we start to get ready our vibrations start to move on the up… we feel good, attractive and comfortable, this enables our confidence to show, in the way we walk, talk and how we generally approach the situations that arise, we handle our lives with calmness and tranquility, how we address ourselves is also a big plus, our mindset is so important, how you believe in yourself and your capabilities, the better you think of who you are, the more natural confidence you will show, how you love yourself, love yourself enough to only settle for the best, treat yourself how you would your best friend, allow to give yourself priority no matter how busy you are, whether it is business or family, you have to have time for yourself, boost your confidence at every opportunity you get, when you pamper and spoil yourself it is all good for your confidence, you know you are looking good from the inside/out, remember you can’t make anyone else happy if your not happy yourself, and all this is a question of confidence, buy yourself flowers treat yourself well and be confident in everything you do.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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