Do you find it difficult to make and take decision’s, at times we need a little help but when we approach people around us, depending on the decision to be made we can find a bais answer, which is not maybe the best for you.

decision 3

So if you could make that decision for yourself using a little road map for sure you are going to feel better about and most of all in control of your own decision making, you don’t need to be a good decision maker, no more than you need to be a professional pilot, when you book your holiday and flight ticket,but the quality of your decision will give you a great trip or an average ride,.Before you book your ticket you need to know where you want to go and if you are taking people with you or not.

decision 1

When you are next confronted with a decision, you need to write down the following,with the decision being the reason for your answer,What is the purpose of your decision, How will it work out for you (Are you passionate about it) Is it valuable to you, What do you have to say about it, Does it solve a problem, How would you benefit(Directly or not) What do you expect from it. If you honestly answer all these questions you should be able to clearly see the decision you should take, it will simplify you brain bashing yourself if you can’t come up with the answer for yourself, this is a little helping guide, read it through carefully and you should have the correct answer to your decision.,

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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