Do you think about what you think ? probably not, but you really should start to do so, obviously not everything, we possibly think thousands of thoughts a day… but every now and again we should stop, and take account of what we are thinking, the reason for this being is that you will be amazed about how many times the word WHY pops out at you, Why should I, Why choose, Why do I do this, Why did I say that, Why did I react to that, WHY WHY WHY ……….most WHY questions are negative,which brings negative thoughts, it is impossible to control all our thoughts,but we should try to ignore what is not of use to us, and concentrate more on our positive questions and positive thoughts, a positive thought will always help you, able you to create beliefs instead of doubt, positive beliefs will only bring you more positivity into your life, which will create a more for filling life and happiness, doubt, worry, stress and general gloom will only bring you more of all that, remember what we think we attract , so instead of worrying about what might go wrong, think about what might go right, it’s the same effort and time, but the positive thought will leave you feeling better, negative is always negative. Also when you have positive thoughts it leaves the brain road open to finding the right solution, your mind is clearer and allows genuine solutions to come to the surface, it will direct your subconscious  mind to bring you more positive situations to help you get what you really want and where you want to go, and the more positive your thoughts become the less room there is for the negative thoughts to creep in, eventually you will stop attracting any negative thoughts and situations in your life. If you make a regular focus on positivity it will bring the right situations and the right people into your life. Your sub conscious mind will always create situations that you regularly think about, so replace the negative useless thoughts with a positive one. You direct  your inner powers no one else, not even the drama king or queen you may constantly be in contact with, friends can often give out advise, but this does not mean it is good advice, your inner power is stronger than any influence, direct your inner power and sub conscious mind to create the real life that you want and can have, you can obtain your goals, you have to take note of your own thoughts, analyse them and ask yourself , will this thought be better for me, will it help me ? if it’s a no, then change it, just simply reverse it think positive and think how that will help you and feel better, so start thinking about how good you are, how you can achieve what ever you desire, good thoughts bring good results, opportunities start to appear in your life. Good things, good results, good times,   = good thoughts.

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Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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