Spring is nearly here, and it is the time of the year when we seem to wear ourselves out, the battery runs dry and we need a total recharge, we have battled through the winter, maybe had the odd cold or two, or even worse, and on a scale to one to ten we are way down, longing for that spring/summer sunshine to fill us up and spill over with energy. 

tiredness 1

We can with a simple revision of our daily habits help to carry the symptoms we have with tiredness easier for us to handle….. regardless of the origin. You should try to keep regular hours , the same time for going to sleep as for waking, and eating at the same time each day is also good for you. Try to practice some form of exercise, and if this can be in the open air, even better, swimming, walking, bicycle etc., It is also recommended to take 10 minute breaks during your  working hours , where you can take the advantage to practice your breathing exercises, excellent method for relaxing , maintain a diet low in fats and high in fiber, with abundant helpings of vegetables and fruits , raw vegetables are also excellent for you, you will find a boost, to your energy levels with an intake of food rich in carbon hydrates ( pasta, bread beans, and of course don’t forget you take care of any anemic problems by taking in zinc and iron, found in cockles,liver,lentils, spinach …..and of course cover yourself if you are in the risk of losing fluids, if you are in a warm climate, take in Vitamin C kiwis, citric fruits ..and really try to leave out the coffee, and cigarettes ! 

tiredness 2

Is this you, are you totally burned out, this is a tiredness that is attached to emotional tiredness situations, it is a physical and emotional burnout that join together, this is found more in a work place where close direct contact with others is involved, teachers, doctors etc., this situation can become very bad if it is also associated with a negative attitude, giving a sensation of emptiness, failure and low self-esteem, also nerves and finding difficulty in concentrating, this type of tiredness needs to be treated in the same way as severe stress.

tiredness 3

The importance of light……………..tiredness and the desire to sleep, both in ourselves and animals are regulated by our pineal glands, this in simple terms is how we become aware of our tiredness (day and night) and how we awake……….although we may well live with artificial light, we still respond to the natural light outside, which is why our sleep time is still regulated by the natural night and day………it also reflects in our meal times and other activities. 

When you are overcome by tiredness, sleep whenever possible I am a great believer in that are body tells us what we need and when, so if it is possible, oblige and sleep ! A Doctor will always recommend light moderate exercise  and treatment with light therapy where possible. 

Brooke Universal Life  & Relationship Coach







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