As we have talked about Love in my past posts, I thought a wonderful way to round it up was to look into St.Valentin,the most romantic day of the year for many, and here we are, after doing a little research I realised the there is not alot of romance about it directly, St Valentin was a Roman Priest many many years ago, at the time there was a Roman Empreror named Claudias the second, who persecuted the church at that time, one of his “great things ” was to forbid marriage to the young people, he felt that single men were far better soldiers for his army, than married men, they would not worry about there wives and families and therefore give him better results !! You have to remember from what we know it was a big possibility that they lived in a polygamy society in that period and rather than one man or one woman seemed to be the trend, but some were attracted to the christian faith, of course the church was in full agreement to marriage,and this is where the big problem came about,What should the church do ?

St Valentin was all into marriage,and truly believed in the vows of two people and held this ceremony in secret againist the law of the Empreror, in time Valentin was caught and imprisioned and tortured for his act againist the law of Empreror Claudius the second. There are many stories regarding his time in prison, at the time of his trial, one of the men to judge him was the father of a young girl  who was blind, it is told that the priest St Valentin had prayed and healed to an amazing effect the young girl, she made a wonderful recovery and her father Asterius turned to christianity himself. However……………..                                                                                                                    In the year 269 AD,Valentin was sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning and finally decapitation all because he believed in marriage, the tale states that the last words he wrote were on a note to Asterius’s daughter he inspired the romantic day by signing it ” from your valentin” People believe that as a priest he gave his life for his believe and his faith in God – even to his death.

St Valentin is known as the Saint of Lovers, so when you share your valentin day,in the modern twist of today, give a little thought to St Valentin, who gave you this wonderful day to celebrate your love.

Either way, have a beautiful day today and celebrate your love for your partner and the people you love.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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