If we could live life as free as the wind, we would need to be able to place into our lives, maybe a few more things we would like, we know that thoughts can create our new reality, yet for many, it can be a not so simple quest, it is, however, possible for us to pull on a few aids that will help us get there a little quicker, when we write things down it is a great help, wanting more money in life, which many of us wish for is not a bad thing, it is not bad at all ………… so don’t feel guilty or uncomfortable about that, as this will form part of your first block to getting what you want, just wanting or wishing is not enough, you need to write down the amount that would make you happy or that of what you want. Always think and write with an exact figure…….you then need to know exactly what you are prepared to give for that amount of money, it can be a service or desire you have, as you know we never receive anything for nothing! Your next job is to write down your time frame for the arrival of this amount of money, when are you going to need it for? Now write down your plan of action to achieve this goal you have, although you may not be totally prepared to start, to step into action …… or just jump in, but write it down, whatever your plan may be. Now put it all together with your steps to achieving what you wish, read it daily morning and night, as you read your note, feel how you would feel if you now had everything you wished for on your list, take that feeling and let your emotions experiment just how wonderful it is going to be when you are as free as the wind!

Brooke Universal Life Coach






2 Comments on “FREE AS THE WIND…….

  1. Muy bien. Por cierto me encantaría subir en tu coche que tiene tu bici en el techo, me llevas?


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