images Receiving                                                                                             We have sent our message out to the universe, and we know it is on it’s way,the universe is on our side and listen’s to everything we say, a true friend that just want’s to please us, we cannot calculate the time, time is only a human concept, so just let the universe do it’s job and do not get disappointmented or think that nothing is going to happen, you can’t see the Law of Attraction at work, but it is there all the time, this is why you must keep your belief’s strong, when you have strong belief’s it’s easy to just let the Law of Attraction do it’s job, Impatient people will probaly give up if they don’t get instant results. If you feel a little disappointed go back to your child hood, when you could play make believe instantly, this really helps to get your imagination going, remember you are not kidding yourself, you are keeping your level belief at it’s highest, this helps you keep your desire and enables you to manifest to the best, remember persistence always pay of. but, you have to let the universe arrange a serious of events that will bring you what you want, so that it will come to you, but, never question how this is going to happen. Now you have to become this fabulous magnet that you are and be ready to receive, ARE YOU READY ? this process depends on what you ask for, if it’s your home, have you taken the right action, is your home ready, for example, de-clutter, keep things clean and organised, if you want something new, where is it going to go, are you ready ? If you are looking for a life partner, have you thought about there place in your life, do you have room for them, is there a perfect chair for them, is there a space for there clothes, do you have enough available time for them, are you ready ? New car, can it go in your garage, do you have a place to park near your home, think about it, are you ready, Wealth, do you know the new person you will become and what might change in your surroundings and your life, are you ready ? You see, it is not just a question of asking, we need to receive and we need to be ready for this, and the universe know’s this, you need to take the action necessary to be ready, make the space, make your personal changes. Focus on how you can actively receive what you’ve asked for.

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