I suppose we all react to betrayal in different ways, but I think the word ” hurt” would be about right in all circumstances and maybe “angry” also, depending from where the betrayal originated from, a total stranger could just be in the angry section but when the betrayal is from your nearest and dearest family and friends, the hurt can be unbearable, why, what’s the difference, well your nearest and dearest is deep under your skin, they are your blood, as they say….. you have probably fought for them tooth and nail (maybe even when you know they are not right) but you were there regardless, and have never betrayed them,you love them above everything else, and in this sense the word love is very powerful

 The betrayal is some how magnified, it hits you on all sides,and you end up in a total turmoil,emotionally and physically so how do we soften the blow……..much easier said than done, but there are a few ways we can help ourselves,after the initial shock, if you feel the need to cry, cry it will help to defuse, and you will feel better, it takes the first weight load off your entire body, the release is good, then you may start to feel angry, you hear certain phrases that may have been passed,and you hear them time and time again, reading a different twist on them every time, can you relate to this, if so, we have just spotted an area that can really help you out, the fact that we read that different twists is telling us, not to fall into that trap, it’s a very human trap, we all do it, but the fact that we see this (in advance)will help us not to escalate to something that the cause was maybe never said in the context we take it as.

So the big secret here to betrayal is time, time to think, time to take in, what has happened and finally to accept, the quicker we accept the situation what ever it may be the quicker we will start to feel better,accepting does not mean we are in agreement or feel ok about the matter, we are just accepting that it has happened and we need to deal with it in our own way ,and acceptance of the fact is the final piece. You as I always tell you are the most important so the sooner you reach your final stage,you are already on your way to feeling better.

Brooke Universal Life Relationship & Coach






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