WE are so close to the start of 2022 we don’t need an excuse, but most of us like to set the trend of the new year, with our new proporsitions so let’s take the POWER of NOW and actually use it, to our advantage..we need to find our true inner self, we must become calm and quiet, and start to listen to our inner voice, our true voice, that doe’s not let us down or tell us a tale of what we should do, our inner voice is a precious gift that we all have, but we do not give it true recognition, it is the voice that will always guide us to where we want to go, you do not need the how of this, have faith, have faith in yourself and the ability that you have to get there, set your mind totally on your vision of what you want, and don’t wander from this, when you find your mind is straying, call it back, keep it where you want it, you really are in control, you have to realise that who controls your life is you, we have many obstacules that try to sway us away, people give us responsibilities and problems that take us from our path, but we have to be strong and true to ourselves, this is not a selfess point of view, it is what you need to get where you want to be, we all like to help others but there are times in our lifes that we must help ourselves first, it is important that you also feel as good as the people we help, you have a right, a strong right, to be who you want to be, and not what others decide for you, this is your life, and everyone wants to be as happy as the one next to you, and at times we make those people happy, which will give you happiness, short term, but, you have the right to feel satisfied and happy with your path in life, and we can only do this by following our inner voice and the power of now, why wait any longer… it is your birthright to be who you truly want to be, nothing is impossible, if we apply every tool we have, if we are constant, and we truly want it, take this opportunity to set your goal and make 2022 the most amazing time of your life, to change your life and at long last live your life…………don’t worry about how, just set your intention and set your mind into your vision.


Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach








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