How many of you still send cards for Christmas, Birthdays and just to say a thank you or Hi how are you? The art of card-sending sadly is something that is fading away, with emails and ecards and all the modern technology you can think of, there is still nothing like receiving a card to keep and to love, it’s something special and still loved by many……….

I wanted to share with you today another way for you to send more of you in a card which will make it more enjoyable and heartfelt, by adding your mindfulness into the mix….. give this a try…close your eyes and connect with your heart, hear and feel that heartbeat and what it is saying to you, imagine the person you are sending your card to and the sensation you experience, make your card writing a lovely moment and not something that is rushed and rather more of an obligation, take care with your words and imagine the message as it is received to your sender, allow yourself to enjoy the moment that a card and a pen can truly give you……..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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