We all have a headache from time to time and it is possible that we put it down to stress, that is our favourite culprit, but there are many more, which you may have never considered before….. headaches can be very painful, they bring us down and at times we even have to shut out the light……did you know that the salt you enjoy to season your food, can be a culprit for headaches if you don’t reduce your intake, there is a limit to how much your body can take and not effect your little head, and those aches and pains…….it is the sodium that will produce the fluid retention, which in turn will cause a rise in pulse pressure, which is the cause of the headache!! Sadly we may not be in a position to hold all the information we may need, did you know that a round of bread can hold the same amount of salt as a bag of crisps!! to cut down and reduce your intake is not so difficult, it takes about 4weeks for our taste buds to adjust to less……..and also not eating enough carbs can start your head going….

Another big NO NO, can be hitting the gym, I know you may feel this is unbelievable, we shoot into the gym to feel and look good, but, if we overdo it, we suffer, not only in the muscle department, we can have a really bad headache…. this kind of headache is that throbbing pain at the back of your head.. or even your Saturday morning lie-in, our bodies have another routine we wake, we rise and we maybe have our coffee, when we change this routine thinking our well-deserved lie-in is good for us, we are given the wonderful prize of a first-class headache, so sadly you really need to think what is going to be good for us and what is not.

So, enjoy your time, enjoy what you eat and do, just give a little thought beforehand and avoid those head storms that could arrive.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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