So, the big question are you happy? really happy? you may think that it is impossible to have 100% happiness, but if you were told that this really depends on you would you believe it, or would you like to place excuses instead and hold on to them tight, because you feel more comfortable allowing this stress factor to be placed under the responsibility of the excuse and not on you!

Well, I am sorry to tell you that, you can make that change, at any given time, your circumstances and situation don’t, we like to think they do, but let’s take a second and think…… if we choose to be happy we can be happy anywhere, we do not need material things to be happy, this is why society has to lead us to believe, but it is not the way, first, we need to be happy within ourselves and then we can appreciate and be happy with what we add to it…. we all change, just like the seasons around us, we live through them and as you know a seasonal change can be uncomfortable and it is exactly the same for us, change can be painful as well as amazing… we all seem to believe that time is what changes many things but in fact what changes is really within ourselves, there is nothing more powerful or amazing than when we make that great decision to change, we decide to take control of our life, because this is where we truly hold all the power, and most of us are so unaware of this, you don’t need anyone else, just yourself…….concentrate and focus on what you can control and not on what you can’t…

We are in constant change, some are desired, some are not…… this is what life is all about, ups downs, and happiness! this is where we can find the combination of hurt and well-being.

The master to your change is always you, and this is maybe what you need to understand and apply, you can make a change or changes but no one else can do that for you, how you think can change your life, change your thoughts change your life, nothing happens by chance……’s all down to change

If you are not happy where you are in life, whether it be professional or personal, change it, you can do this slowly, it does not have to be overnight, and it is not impossible, the limits we place are put there by ourselves, this is what stops you from being and doing what you want, we let fear into the game, fear is an emotion that we create ourselves and convince ourselves of our limitations, don’t let fear stop you, you are stronger and have more power than any fear you may feel if you want it- there are no limits…..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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