The strength – Of something can be the measure of how much force or pressure it can withstand. The state or quality of being strong, physical power or capacity. The ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort.

The quality that allows someone to deal with problems, positive or negative aspects of the external or internal environments.

When we speak of strength, within ourselves, we do not need to think of muscle, we find strength using our inner power, a strength that can come from nowhere depending on the situation we find ourselves in, that sudden boost that comes to us, to face what is at hand. At times we need strength to accept loss, to know that tomorrow is never going to be the same as today or yesterday, but we find the inner strength to continue on our life journey, as hard as it seem’s to us, we find the strength or the strength finds us, we find strength to re-act in an emergency, which we thought maybe we could never do, but it is there for us, and we find physical strength when required, maybe short term or long term when facing an illness or difficult situation, we find our inner strength for ourselves and for those that are around us, people that need our support and to be able to pull on our strength. we all have this strength,but, it doe’s not show up for everyone at the same time, some times we need to give or take strength from others. Our inner strength is not an object that can be measured, some times it can be seen, by others, we are referred to as strong people, because this is the impression we give,(the impression is not always correct) we can scratch the surface and find a very vunerable person underneath, so always be prepared to share your strength and help others when needed. The inner satisfaction you feel to help another, can be tremendous, remember that not everyone is happy and in company of their loved one’s, your strength share could mean everything to someone.

Brooke, Universal Life Coach

3 Comments on “You have strength…

  1. Just dropped in to see you a bit. Hope your Christmas season was great and that 2020 will be a successful year for you. Blessings. Regarding this post: It is true that we have much more strength that we generally manifest. We lean to the lazy side and don’t put ourselves to the test. 😀

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