We are into November and the winter season is creeping in, how do you feel about that? many people get very down with the thought of darker afternoons, colder nights, and mornings, so what do you think you could do to get you through this time with a smile………just make sure it is one thing at a time, we all believe we are magical at multitasking but we can get a bit tangled up if we are not careful. So one helpful tip would be to concentrate on one thing at a time…….we need to focus to do a good job, not everything can be multitasked, when was the last time you took a walk and totally disconnected from your phone etc., do you know how refreshing it can be to take in the beauty around you and breath deep.

When was the last time you took time out to sink into that bath and really bathe in hot soapy water, this is a great winter habit, it’s so warming and gives you time to let the stress and tension of the day literally soak away when you leave the tub and wrap yourself in a lovely warm towel you can have an instant anxiety drop, your body temperature allows you to relax, which is why to bathe just before you go to bed, can almost assure you of a perfect night’s sleep.

How about your brain, do you ever give it a well-deserved rest, the winter period usually means we spend more time indoors, we can cuddle up in our favourite chair and read to our heart’s content, but don’t stay sitting all day we need to move even if it is only a little stroll around our garden, try to do it in the morning light which is going to be more beneficial to you.

Music is a great lift, any kind, whichever you prefer, music can truly move us and if we experience this, the dopamine is pumping out!!

Apart from your usual routine, never forget to eat well, the cold weather needs you to protect yourself that little bit more, and you need good nutritious food, stay close to your friends and sleeping well is a must always….keep your body and mind in balance, the colder weather will try to throw us off, our routine and daily habits, some we need to change, which is fine, just don’t drop something and not replace it… keep busy and keep smiling

Don’t dread the months ahead, wake up and enjoy every moment is worth it, just like you ……….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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