How true is this quote, and all for the right reasons, all the attention that was needed was set upon Coco Chanel for her designs and simple elegance………However this is not always the case if we look to people who are professional attention seekers, so how do we detect this behavior, when the main thing is to have attention at all times which validates them as the person they wish to be, (and who probably are, the wonderful person they would like to be) one of the biggest obstacles for someone suffering from this syndrome is lack of self-esteem, although they may show self-esteem and confidence in many ways, it’s somewhere deep inside that they feel their insecurities, they can be extremely negative or extremely positive, which may sound confusing to many, but this is the personality switch which many can suffer from, and of course all of this behavior is motivated by their lack of self-confidence.

Enjoying the attention of others can be socially acceptable, but of course, this is a different kind and can be caused by greater difficulties. such as jealousy of another person who may be within close contact with them or around them, it can be someone younger, which they long to be, it can be as I mentioned self-esteem, which they see in others in reverse and they long for that also, they may well have great self-esteem but don’t realize it within themselves, they may feel lonely or they can be narcissists and attention-seeking is a good narcissistic supply, so they strive to get it, it can also be the self-pity they feel for themselves, we have to add and remember that the social media we all have at hand today, can give attention seekers a wonderful way to validate their appearance, this gives power but can lead to greater problems.

You have to always remember that the person suffering from attention-seeking may be aware of it, or not, this is an illness, like any other, and should be treated that way, however like any other illness the person in question must reach the point where they wish to start their possible recovery, as they will never make any kind of progress if they are against the idea, it is difficult for people to help in these cases, and it is difficult to know what is the best method needed, professional advice is always a good way to go, people who suffer from this illness can be very intelligent, active and outgoing people (until they have a bad moment, which will change everything) so it is not always easy to spot the problem immediately and at times can be confused with depression and anxiety, they need to be strong and stay strong, they need to believe in themselves and the people they have around them, life is not easy, but everyone has their ups and downs and it is necessary that we all find our natural balance and harmony within ourselves, we need to do this work ourselves and it cannot be passed on to anyone else.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach Destino

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