Do you ever have the feeling that at some point the world stopped, you stepped of to stretch your legs, and it carried on without you, it simply forgot to pick you up again. You maybe feel alone and that no one cares anymore and they do not listen to you, well I have news for you, you are never alone, whatever your circumstances, you may have lost a loved one, your rock of all ages, you may of become some what of a hermit, and slowly reduced your social circle or simply shut your self of, for whatever reason you have, your reason is always valid, because it is important to you, or was at the time, it happens over a period of time,maybe you did’nt even see it coming, but there you are feeling out there in limbo,but the good news is that the universe never abandon’s you, it is with you everyday all day,and it listen’s to every thought and word you say, all it wants to do is please you,so it gives back that everything we think and say, even if we only talk to ourselves, it hears every single word and gesture, so what can we learn from this, we have a friend, the best friend you can ever have, it doe’s not judge you, reproach you, it only has your best interest at heart, and can give you all that you want.

world stopped 2

If you know what you want,why you want it and how to ask for it, I have posted about this many times, and will continue to do so until we reach our Ha Ha moment, sometimes it is the explanation that just clicks into place and away we go, when you really see, that you control your whole situation and that you hold all the cards, you really will feel part of the world again, you are back on the bus and moving towards the things you truly like and want and why you want them, (your now thinking…. how can I do that with the panorama I have around me at the moment ? right….) well first of all, you don’t have to take my word or anyone else’s for it, you need to try it for yourself, it’s free remember, there just for you,and only you are in control, this is very important,so don’t forget that, If you already know that the universe gives you back what you think and feel, you know that this is a fact, because you are living through the situation that you are thinking about 24/7 …… so change those thoughts and feelings, (again I hear you…. easy to say) well yes it is, but it is also easy to apply, if you start to see yourself happy looking forward to your new day (instead of dreading yet another day) that can happen, and then you see yourself doing what you want to do,(No…maybe’s here) What YOU want to do, situations will arise to get you there, Rome was not built in a day, but parts were and this is the same, one step at a time, in some form it will have something to do with your new journey, the why, well this is sometimes the problem, mainly we should be doing this for ourselves,but, as we so easily sacrifice ourselves time and time again, that’s how you probaly got into this situation, through no fault of your own, also have this very clear, so when you look for your why, it could be your children, your grandchildren it can even be your dog, that has sat faithfully watching and listening to you, he deserves a happy owner, enjoying time with them in the park, your children deserve a happy parent, they know, even if they say nothing, your happy or not, and they see that, grandchildren can be great motivators, because your love expands daily like with your children, and nothing but the best is good enough, it can be many reason’s, just look around you,the motivator is there, looking you straight in the eye, now when you see all this, you have to press the activate button and do your part, when that opportunity/situation comes along, grab it and go with it, don’t let it pass you by, because thought and action go like lighting !!! So get ready to join life and the world again, tiny steps one at a time you will soon see, that nobody forgot about you,just keep moving forward, your goal is just a few steps away. 

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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