Never believe that authority or power is given to you by what you do as a job or by other people, Authority and power come from you and only you, and the quote above is so correct, when you lead by example, you will generate respect and will and have inner confidence within your position.

Every day we have the power to choose and we have spoken about this many times, we make our own history but what we choose, by opening our hearts and our minds and when we speak for what we believe and know is right……… have to keep your power for yourself, stop giving it away to others, don’t give your power to others when you do this you are giving away like a gift the opportunity to know you before you really know yourself. Knowing too much about another person places you within their power, they then have a claim on you, you are placed in a position to understand where they are coming from and to understand their reasoning on things you have no necessity to do, this only places you in a weaker position.

You know when you have gained your authority or power when you can walk away from a situation because it is not right for you, because it is toxic, because it is not right, whatever your reason may be. We think from time to time that knowing is enough and this is not the case, we need to act you need to apply your knowledge to your situation at hand, you are the only person that knows what your mind is thinking and who truly knows your power and authority in your work.

We all have authority, we just need to know how to use it, you need to be seen and heard, your knowledge is sometimes not enough, you know when you need to apply your wisdom and share your experience, make sure you are given your position and taken seriously, you need to pick your own battles and don’t let others drag you into something you want no part off, you are strong and at times you need to show it…… with what is important to you, keep calm and act accordingly, you have to prioritize and don’t believe you can have it all, all the time, because you can’t, at times things do not go to plan, it does not just depend on you, other people become involved and no one is perfect, so always take that into account, believe in yourself it is a difficult job to wade through troubled waters and people, we can learn so while dealing with difficult situations in life, we need to know we can’t do it all, learn to let go of things that you don’t deserve and don’t serve you, stick to your principals, but don’t let them destroy you or the people you love, stay focused and never waste your time, and the one of the biggest things in life, learn how to say NO!! When you go through difficult times, which you will, we all do, try to work out, why you have the reaction you do, and maybe at times why it could be you who is being difficult and why don’t accept unreasonable behavior, learn to listen to your inner voice, know what you want, think before you speak and how you are going to say it, and never start an important meeting or conversation if you are angry or upset…….

Always remember you have your own power, the power to heal yourself as well as others, you always need to remember that, we always have the power of our own minds, grab that, and consciously use your power.

Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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