Do you worry about ageing? Or is it something you think you are far too young to concern yourself with that, as it is so far away? Well, maybe you need a little shock therapy because it just creeps up on you and there you are, a full-blown mature adult, especially once you have children in your life, time flies by……. However, not all is dismay ……..ageing can be a pretty incredible thing, it is all down to how you look at it, and of course how you feel….. one of the great things we achieve through age is our strength, we grow into such strong human beings which comes with many privileges, strength to face the life we are living or have in front of us, strength to face situations and circumstances we never associate with ourselves as younger people and of course strength to take on our newfound responsibilities, now some of these we tend to extend ourselves and keep them going well over their actual expiry date, but that is how we are individually made, as long as we remember that whatever we do or go through in our life is because we allow it to, and this we tend to overlook when it suits us, everything is a choice, we allow it or we don’t !!!

We gain experience that only by living we achieve, we were not born with it, one thing is being sensible, but experience comes from that day to day living in varied situations and encounters and nothing else can give us that unless we age, which we should enjoy, there are so many people that feel age is the final curtain and just give up, why would you do that, when the best is yet to come…don’t ever doubt that, embrace each step as you go, because everyone is as exciting as the last, but in different ways and variations, you will change your hobbies maybe, maybe not, your outlook on life and your interests, but you can still be curious for whatever you want, age is merely a number, and life is to be enjoyed no matter what number is showing!!

So many of us fight the lines and wrinkles of time, when in fact they should be worn with pride, it is true that they are memories and nothing can replace them, so why are we so eager to always fight ageing…. so many don’t make it this far, the journey ends far too soon, so this alone should make us happy and grateful for what we have and enjoy. We have an insight into life that others have yet to acquire, again this is credited to the life we are living and lived to date, a younger you would not have that insight……you wouldn’t have missed but you don’t have it, there are many things that we don’t miss at the time, but it is a great plus when you have those insights into things and life, the famous saying of “If I only knew then, what I know now” believe me that is true…. you have an inner confidence that shows, it assures you of what you are doing and how to act within your life, you can be born with confidence, but a lifetime of confidence is very different….and it shows in your approach to living your life on your terms, you understand people better and that includes yourself, you have a newfound understanding on many subjects and this brings harmony and balance into your life when you understand yourself, you accept your surroundings and situations in a better way, accepting is a form of sharing, you may not agree with the subject at hand, but when we accept and understand that we are all different in every sense of the word, our lives become less complicated on every level, accept yourself for who you are, be who you are and know what you want and what you don’t…………but, above all be happy, take each day as it comes, one step at a time, enjoy each stage of your life and embrace it all the way….love your age, love the process and love yourself….

Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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