When we set goals, we sometimes feel that the quicker we go the better and quicker we get there,this is not the case, when we learn to slow down in various aspects of our life’s it is better for us,your happiness and the out come you are looking for.

The world that we live in today, is a busy busy place, we race continually against the clock, most women today work, so they spin more plates than ever, and the vast majority of people take on far more than they can chew, or be requested to do. At the end of all this we end up with weight gain, bad sleep and we think very little of ourselves and our minds are racing everywhere except for where we should be giving our concentration.

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A simple conversation, can be a good point to start, when we have a busy life, we tend to avoid conversations that we really don’t want to have, whether it be personal and emotional we selve it as much as possible, which at times creates a bigger problem than the original one, emotion does not go away it grows inside and can be shown in different ways at different points in our life, in anger, addiction’s of all kinds even in what we eat, and can make us very ill. When you feel you need to have a conversation with someone about something that is bothering you, do it……. take the time, to have a conversation, in the true sense of the word, not rushed, not with anger, a slow paused normal conversation.

Eating, how many of us do a continual diet, eating slowly can actually help you lose kilos, and most of us think more about what we are eating and the calories in question, but the form we eat also play’s a big part, when we eat, our brain normally will tell us when we are full, if we rush our food, this does not happen in the same way. It actually takes about 20 mins for the message to reach you and tell you “hello i’m full” so if we sit correctly and eat and enjoy our meal times this time is comfortable covered, when you rush you will overeat and your digestion system will also suffer, most people don’t even taste there food and have the full benefit of what they could be enjoying,if we savour each mouthful and chew correctly for sure your relationship with food will improve and you will probably lose kilos instead of putting more on.

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The workplace, we all have the same complaint, we just don’t have time to cover everything, this is where my great ” lists ” come into play, most of our work will be a repeat performance of the previous day, so there are certain tasks that are done day in day out, the most important tasks should go on the list, the rest we almost do on autopilot, if we guide ourselves with the list, we have order, we start with a structured day and this is how we should manage our working day, you will find with this method, our time is sufficient and we are more relaxed knowing what we are doing and where we are going, without structure we tend to be like a chicken without a head. If on the other hand even with this we struggle, you need to talk to your superiors and explain your situation, always be sure of your priorities,

The simple act of breathing, you would be amazed how many people do not breath or know how to breath correctly. Once you know, your stress levels will reduce and your blood pressure as well, slow deep breathing helps slow the heart rate and reduces your anxiety levels, when you start to panic or are against the clock, take several deep breaths, sit up straight and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, this will calm you and enable you to carry on with your tasks at the correct rate.

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Exercise time, yes we even rush in the gym, this does not give us bigger muscles flatter tummy’s,bigger,better everything, quite the opposite, we can actually do ourselves harm and injure yourself, you need to position correctly and use the correct technique and this takes time, time to learn and time to enjoy and time to work out in the correct way.

What we need to learn from this, is that we can do everything we wish but in the correct way and with the time it needs, we need to enjoy what we do on a daily basis, whether it be work or play and most importantly that by taking the time we can achieve the result that we want, and feel happy and much more heathly.


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