Here we are again, another day of I hope, interesting little tips for you and your health..When suffering from low blood pressure it is not wise to raise rapidly or jump from your bed in the morning, this can leave you very light-headed, dizzy, weak in general and tiredness. The best advice is the absolute opposite to those you suffer from high blood pressure, eat food that is high in salt like olives,anchovy,ham etc., It will help by taking Vitamin C tablet type added to water give the best effect.

Do not mix certain foods with medication, they can result in an adverse affect, for example you should not mix licorice or grapefruit juice with any treatment for hypertension or anticoagulant with brussels sprouts !

A great remedy for a sore throat can be to gargle with one liter of water and half a soup spoon of salt, or bicarbonate of soda.

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How to relieve a nasty burn, the first thing you should try to do is cool down the area concerned, this will help in reducing the damage that can be done to the skin, the easiest form is to place the burn under cold water for 5/10 mins, also it is advisable to place a wet cloth over the area with a mixture of water and vinegar.

To alleviate a blocked and stuffy nose, which usually comes with a cold or the flu, it is always advisable to drink quantities of warm liquids which will help to eliminate the blockage. Try making  warm drink of onion, garlic,laurel leaves and eucalyptus and sweeten with a little honey. Apart from helping with your nasal blockage it will also help you to breathe better, it will help with the cough and sore throat. 

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