If you are aware that you talk to yourself, then you have met your little devil,he’s the one that gives you all that great advise……..that you listen to, act upon and later think….maybe I should of made a different choice, remember are lifes are all about choice, sometimes good one’s and some times bad, and we all make bad choice’s at some time you are not alone there. However actually meeting your little devil and getting to know him well, can only be to your advantage,he is the one that has that voice of doom, doubt,despair and even some times fear, he is also full of anxiety,depression and can be a down right nervous wreck…….. you are probaly realising by now that you have maybe met him more than once, he really is not a friendly little chap, and a very common name for him is NEGATIVE, however he does have a really good friend who can be found within your innerself, and this is the voice you should be listening to, your innerself will always give you the correct answer if you let it guide you and you listen with interest, sometimes it takes time to fade out the little devil and welcome his friend POSITIVE. When the little devil comes to visit you have to slowly show him the way out, this will not happen overnight, but the more you do it the less he will come to visit, like ourselves he does not call when he knows he is going to be ignored, this is a job which you need to learn and learn well, the ability to block him out once and for all, let POSITIVE in when ever you like he is more trustworthy and honest and from coming deep within will always guide you well, if you let him that is, this you also have to learn, to listen to your innerself and not  outside influences, if we listen to the news on the TV or radio, it can be very depressing with everything that is going on around us, but you have to learn to take it in and then let it out, you can’t just never listen to the news again, you need to be informed, you just don’t need to carry it around with you for ever, so you release it, this is the same attitude needed with the little devil,NEGATIVE if we let this in, it will grow and grow and the negativity will take over,                                                                                                                                                                            When we were children, we never feared our abilities, we never questioned them, so what went wrong, you let to much negativity take over, as children we never let that happen,you had 100% control over your mind and your imagination ran wild, well you need to get back to that to create your reality now, your abilities,take full control of your mind, and don’t give it away to any little devil who thinks he can control you, you are your own master making your own choices, believe in yourself and create the life you want to the best of your ability.If you wanted to create a beautiful garden or home you would want the best,this gives the best results,so choose your seeds well and plant the seeds in all areas of your life and watch it grow,the flow will be natural and the result amazing.                                                                                                                          If you think you can’t, your little devil has you…………………………..right where he wants you, its time to tell him……..ADIOS



Universal Life & Relationship Coach







  1. Oh yes … I know my little devil very well. He’s the one that pops up and plants seeds of self doubt and anxiety, he’s the one that has me second guessing the true meaning behind what people say. He’s not an easy guest to get rid of but I love your advice … if I don’t call him, he won’t appear. Such a great reminder to leave the door open for his more positive friend 🙂


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