autumn 2We are now officially in the season of “Autumn”what a wonderful season, usually a little shorter than the others, but beauty is all around, when you start to look around you can see the season is in the air, early mornings have that little autumn mist, and the evenings have that little chill, and the thermometer has started to drop a little.

Everything starts to change, the scenery starts to hold all the golden colours in every shade and tone, autumn is known for carrying more gold in its pockets, than all the other seasons, the leaves start to turn yellow, golden and brown and slowly start to float towards the ground, making a wonderful carpet of rich colours and different texture, the moss starts to form and even the sound under our feet changes to the crunching of the twigs and leaves, fir cones close up and the chestnuts appear, an entirely different smell drifts through the air, we change our diet, we start to eat more soups and heavier meals, in fact even the smell within our home takes a different turn with all the natural products making us those fabulous soups, to take away the chill, apples take on a different role and cider becomes a favourite, autumn has so much to offer.

autumn 1

We even change our household decor a little to make us feel more cosy on the chilling nights to come, those autumn colours start to appear within our home, the aroma of the candles seem to have a different essence and warmth, the autumn wrap appears over the back of the couch or your favourite chair, and your cushions call you to curl up and enjoy your home, even that little bit more.

autumn 4

We even change our style of clothes, we start to layer a little, and socks Wellington’s and boots come out from the back of the wardrobe, walking at this time of the year is so pleasant, the air is crisp and just fills you with autumn energy, just enough to be able to go home and make a lovely welcoming fire, make a warming cider and to sit in your favourite place…………………………….

Happy Autumn everyone, take care and enjoy…

Brooke Universal Coach

3 Comments on “ANOTHER SEASON………………………..

  1. Hey Brooke. Your words to describe autumn is making its arrival even more welcoming. 🙂 beautiful choice of words. Would love to see you share a bit of the magical autumn you are experiencing in your part of the world through a lil picture whenever possible 🙂 it is still hot in india, just finishing with monsoons!


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