Yes, it is this time of year again, when our summer clothes have to make way for our winter woolies!! sandals for boots and the jackets, coats, gloves and scarfs appear….. for some of us, it is an overwelming job of “Where do I put all this” like everything in our lifes, if we are organized and work in an organized fashion, the job is cut by half.

We do not all have large houses, or lots of spare bedrooms to just change wardrobes and job done, so we have to look for ways to make the change as easy as possible. You have to make the most of your organization day and enjoy it as much as possible, because once this is done the satisfaction you will feel, is all the reward you will need.


When we start to go through our winter clothes, we always find things that we are not sure about, if in doubt let it go, place these items in a box and take them to your nearest charity,red cross some where that will be grateful to receive, the same goes for the summer items you start to store away. It is easier to place things together in order from the start, all the trousers should go together and put the same colours together, the same with skirts, shirts and jumpers etc., when you place them in order of type and colour it is much easier for you to find them later and also to put them away.

It is important to store all your summer clothes correctly, if it is boxes or special bags, make sure they close well, and are stored in a dry safe place, this way they will not be damaged for the next summer season. Shoes and boots for all season’s are always better stored in the box that you bought them with, they are easier to stack and mainten the quality of the shoe or boots.

organised 2

When we have an organized home, we are happier and actually have more time for ourselves once the inicial job has been done, we can clean easier, when we have to put things away, everything has it’s place, so are whole working time is reduced and we can enjoy other things that life has to offer us.


organisation 3

Brooke Universal Life & Coach

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