You know the saying, ” We only come this way once….” well if that is true, how many of you are just conforming with your lot….. I would think that a very high percentage of us just at some point virtually give up on our true inner self, and follow the crowd and go along with the gingham curtains and picket fence, we just ignore our inner self and inner voice and pretend that life is fine and could be a lot worse, how about a lot better, do you really think that to get along with society you have to give up your passion and gusto for life, forget everything about what you really want in your life, fill yourself with all the old excuses, Oh I can wait i’m getting married, oh maybe later we are starting a family now, we take on more responsibilities and put ourselves on the back burner, over and over again, you lose that part of you that is full of passion and fun for life, we become part of the sofa, the 9 – 5 brigade, and by that I am not knocking anyone you works 9-5 if you are enjoying what you do and totally filling your passion, how you planned it years ago, when you were probaly termed as young and wreckless !! great….

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However the great majority go with the flow and sacrifice that inner passion, but you know, it never dissapears, it maybe forgotten for a while but every now and then, you start to think of those wonderful days, when you thought you knew who you were and where you were going, when this happens, it usually has a partner called “resentment” and this bitter little partner can have lots of consquences, maybe within your family circle or your work place and certainly with you, it can sometimes be known as depression,anger,illness etc., when you are totally unhappy with your lot….. But the great news is there is a present and a future and another saying that goes like this “It is never to late to………………..” what ever you want,the world today is different, the opportunities are tremendous and they are out there if you look and listen to your inner self, that little voice inside that will always guide you right, if you sit quiet and listen, why would you fool yourself right ? there is no reason at all,just listen, unless of course you let another partner in crime set in which is known as fear,a nasty little creature,that just grows and grows,when you live with fear you really don’t live at all, if you remember how you used to think and want, you can use the same energy and passion to decide the road to take now, if your life is not what you wanted, if you do think constantly about the past believe me, you have settled for less, this does not mean that we don’t all hold lovely memories of certain events, but when we tend to live permanantly in the past, we settled big time for a life we do not enjoy. so you need to find your way back to who and what you really are, you need to find the courage (this eliminates fear) to go in search of yourself, the real you, the one full of passion and a zest for life, you need to give yourself time to work this new you out, retreive your lost passion, open your mind to new and exciting things, you can study anything you want to, the internet has many harmful things but it also has a treasure chest of information and can really help you to learn anything you want to, don’t ever be afraid, your age, your personal situation is not a barrier, your passion can be worked into a thousand things,and it does not matter what your passion is, you can make a future where you will be a happy forfilled person, and probaly independant financially to, which is always a great concern to many. If you don’t think you have a passion or just don’t know how to find it or maybe even yourself, drop me an email and I would be happy to help. Happy hunting

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Brooke Universal Life &Relationship Coach

2 Comments on “HAVE YOU SETTLED FOR LESS…………………………………………………………………………….

  1. Je suis totalement d’accord que d’avoir une passion c’est génial ! et de pouvoir en vivre encore mieux……..le jour où j’ai laissé ma passion pour raison de santé , ma vie a changée ….se fut comme un déséquilibre … il faut en trouver une autre pour combler……pour retrouver son équilibre……cela n’ai pas toujours facile….


    • Gracias por su comentario, y estoy muy contenta que estas acuerdo, trabajando con” passion ” es muy gratificante en todo los ambitos, gracias siempre por tu dedicacion a mi blog y apoyo. Hasta pronto.


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