It’s nearly Friday, everybody looks forward to Friday…..right, the weekend is here, and we start to think of what we are going to do with our free enjoyable time, or maybe not. I have been told that some people hate their weekends and can’t wait for Monday morning !!!! Work Work Work… this is not alway’s the reason, some people do just not know what to do with their time if they are not at work, this doe’s not mean, that these people are alone, they may have very busy family life’s, when they never have a second, but that does not mean that they look forward to their weekend. They feel misplaced when not in their place of work, maybe they have an important job, and do not feel important within their home, needed or maybe even loved,when they are working this is in the back of their minds,they are busy and totally absorbed by what they do, weekends drag for them,they are disconnected from their family or from themselves,there self worth is on the floor, may be it is even worse if they have families that nobody seems to notice this, they are also caught up in their weekend duties, the supermarket, clean the car, do the lawn, taxi the children from activity to activity……what ever it may be (we all have weekend duties) or they could be alone and have no responsibilities and have no idea what to do !!! Both are a no win situation, for them.


This means they could be in a rut, or they could just totally resent having their weekends schedule done for them,with no consultation or thought by their family, we all have a choice, but we do not all want conflict. To talk this through with their partner would be the ideal solution, but that is not easy for everyone, so this is when consideration from others would be more than welcome, not everyone can speak for themselves, although if you have this problem, you can learn to express yourself, by working on your own self worth,it is not unusual to be one person in your place of work and another in your private life, in the work place many can hide behind who they represent and this can make them, seem to be the confident and very outgoing, but a shy insecure person can be living within and will show this in their personal life. If on the other hand, you feel in a rut, then you have to take things into your own hands and create what you want during your weekend free time, and turn it into enjoyable, (This applies in both cases, but when you are in a family unit, you have to do it with them, change things as a family unit ) If you are happy with your own company and a good book, relaxing in your free time, that is not a problem, your weekend doe’s not have to be full of activies,hobbies friends etc., The key to all of this is happiness you have to be happy with yourself, when you find inner happiness you will find yourself happy with most things that you do, and when you have to do something that you are not crazy about, you will find your happy spot.

boredom 2

You need to make this life the best you possibly can, regardless of your situation,when you feel inner happiness you will start to feel and think differently, we are all full of emotions and we have to learn how to deal with each emotion, when you do not have inner happiness things will not go the way you want and your life will be more difficult, than you may think it is now, we are all creatures of habit, so change your habit, it’s that easy, if you want to feel unhappy, inferior, angry whatever it is that stops that inner happiness keep going as you are, many of you will be saying ” If I didnt have this problem or that problem, I would have inner happiness,” you are wrong, life is full of ups and downs and how we feel inside, is how we will weather the storm, the more balanced you are the better you will feel, you have to see “How you do anything is how you do everything” think about this, it is never to late to change your habits, you can make happiness your habit. And everyday can be a weekend day. Enjoy your work, enjoy your life enjoy being you.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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