The post today is in reply to a very touching email I have recieved, I have chosen to make this reply public with the hope of helping others,if you have a permanate dream regarding yourself being abandoned, maybe the following reasons may help you find a solution and to understand better, this could be telling you that you have difficulty in making plans for your future success,if it to abandon others you will have unhappy conditions around you with very little hope of resolving. If it is your home,you will see problems in obtaining your financial security, if it is your loved one,you will not find what you have lost,( this refers to a material object) and your friends will turn away. If you abandon children, you will loose your status and security due to the lack of calmness and to judge people.If it is your business there will be a period of bad circumstances,discussions and suspicion.If you or your friends abandon a boat,could suggest a business failure,however if you make it to dry land your assets will remain intact. If this dream is strongly on your mind,in the case of you abandon or are abandoned could mean other kind of problems

sassy dreams 2.

I hope that this may help for you to interpretate your continual dream, remember dreams are messages sent to us, to make us aware of a situation , a reality or true explanations of what the future may hold. It is important to note your dreams as soon as you wake, by doing this you will have more details to later analize your dream and its meaning. This is an excellent way to connect with your inner self.

Finally I would like to point out that if you go to bed after watching a film/reading a book/after dinner conversation and this sticks in your mind, and your dream is related to this,this most probaly will not be a profound dream, so please do not confuse one with the other,and never torment yourself with this type of passing dream.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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