How lucky are we ? Regardless to our present circumstances everything could change today or tomorrow, every day of our life ! I would say that this is pretty amazing, but sadly most of us do not realise this wonderful thing, but it really is this way, no matter how you look at it. 

The other remarkable thing about this, is, you only need yourself, you do not have to relay on funds, people situations to make this change, you make the decision and you make the difference. When you start to see your life through your new eyes and fresh mind, you are you, and with that come your talents and your strengths and your reasons, sometimes, although we should, we are not capable of the change we need for ourselves, but we can be motivated by someone or something else, do you have this someone or something in your life, to go all out for, to climb that mountain where you reach what you want, where you can step up and think out of the box, out of your normal comfort zone, we really do become accommodating with our life and circumstances, we are so comfy going nowhere, we have procrastinated and not even realised, there we are, stuck, so come on, its wake up time, it is never to late, your age, status, situation no excuse is valid here, except, you can’t be bothered, and that of course is your choice. 

However, I think if we have the possibility to have an amazing future, what have we got to lose, nothing,nada! Only the awesome opportunity to go for it, you have the ability, so take that of your excuse list, do you see your own potential ? do you realise you have potential, because you do, we all do, it’s all inside of you, probably screaming at you “let me out” Have you ever heard that inner voice, you know the one that from time to time keeps telling you to go for out, to stretch yourself and move forward, but you have chosen to ignore it, why ? fear? don’t have the courage ? all you have to do is think about it, see yourself in your new role doing what you think you should be, and acknowledge the universe as your partner, you will never find a better one, I can promise you that, write your thoughts down, or even better, did you do your story yesterday ? Now start to listen to your inner voice, to the guidance it will give you and act, small steps are fine, but act ! it is time to move forward, and to know in your heart that the best is yet to come, believe in yourself, believe you can do this……………………



Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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