Are you aware, how is your awareness ? Do you have the awareness of who you are ?


Awareness is empowering because it can reveal to you what is going wrong and can also indicate how to improve. 

Awareness is vital in all areas of our life, we need it to be able to grow, to create harmony and well-being, are we  a spiritual person ? Do we acknowledge our talents and gifts, Do we understand our ego ? Can you achieve a healthy ego ? In our relationships, can you bring love ? Our body, do we love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves ? Our beliefs ? Our finances ? Our community ? 

If you were to value yourself, at this moment in time regarding your awareness, on a scale, with no judgement at all, how would you fair on the above topics, you may have great awareness in some areas and others less, but we need to look at every aspect to achieve stability in our life. When you have a lower awareness, this area is a liability in your life, when you start to work with all areas of your life, when you listen to your inner voice and see what is around you, not what you may think or wish to see, you will grow, you will start to know yourself well, you will open up to all the possibilities there are for you, areas start to improve, due to your better understanding and awareness, you will feel a greater satisfaction and your quality of life will change.

Even in our relationships, the amount of love you give and receive is a direct reflection of your present state of awareness.

The awareness of who you are ? You are not criticizing yourself, you are expanding your own personal knowledge. You are becoming aware of yourself. Getting to know yourself in better ways, can only be beneficial to you and those around you.


Never be afraid of awareness, as we go through life, every problem – has a question, and every question has an answer, every answer directs us to action and the action will become our way of life. The more aware we become and the more action we take due to that awareness, our life takes on a new flow, we become part of that flow, as opposed to trying to go against it.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

14 Comments on “AWARENESS……………………..

  1. Hi Brooke. Interesting post you’ve written. I can safely say that I am very aware of who I am, and what my life is all about. I’m secure in that and I know where my identity lies.
    I believe we are not just physical beings, but yes, spiritual with a soul.
    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day and evening.
    🙂 ❤


  2. This was very important info you just shared. As I practiced my yoga this am, I felt like my mind and therefore my body, was becoming more “awake”. I could feel it.. it was like a weird electric thing…

    I feel like the lower your vibration or awareness goes, the more you kill of part of yourself.. then you eventually get sick or die…


  3. I love this post! It reminds me of a quote that I heard in a movie “the bulletproof monk “:
    “Don’t try to know your enemy… Try to know yourself “


  4. “..The more aware we become and the more action we take due to that awareness, our life takes on a new flow, we become part of that flow, as opposed to trying to go against it…”

    These words are so true. Life is an adventure that we take and not a war that we fight. Going with the flow is living, trying to go against the flow is surviving.


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