Here we are again, it’s September, the summer has been and gone and we are all back on the familiar hamster wheel, now for those of us chasing goals, we are three quarters through the year and the end of the year will be here before we take a breath, so do we feel that we have moved forward as we wanted to, or do you still feel stuck and maybe even moving backwards, many of us panic at this time of the year, thinking that we can not reach our desired goals in a short four month period, well the good news is, you just never know !!! it’s takes less than a day to turn everything around, how many things have you been able to tick of your wish list, if it’s more than two/three you have moved forward, and if it’s more than you are well on your way.

summer ends

If you have not seen any results, this doe’s not indicate that you are not moving forward, maybe you have things in place and everything takes it’s course, the important thing is that you have set your foundation or foundation’s to what you truly wish for your future, depending on the difficulties you have experienced will tell you how well you are using your inner powers to obtain what you want, when things appear as if by magic, maybe just the thing you were waiting for or looking for then you are working with the law of attraction, for some it is faster than for others, but when you learn to work correctly with the law, things do start to happen for you, and the pieces to the puzzle start to fit, you will know when this is in motion, you feel it, when this shift takes place…..and this is when it is extremley important that you act, you have to go with the flow, the opportunity is presented to you, and your intuition (your inner power) will keep you on track, this opportunity can be in the form of an idea, that you should follow up, a conversation with someone that you know is going to be very beneficial to you and what you have in mind, you will start to meet people who hold the same interests as you or even do what you want to do, you don’t have to invent something that has never been done before, just do what you want to do and do it well !!!! these are all opportunities that you must not miss, Forget the beach and the summer evenings and get right back down to business, just keep them as great memories, that will keep your vibrations on the right high frequencies, focus on where you want to go and reach your goals, September is your month to organise your last stretch before the end of the year, keep going regardless as to where you are at now, keep moving forward and achieve what you truly deserve.Always be ready to act and always be ready to recieve.

magic autumn

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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