Today, stepping into autumn, and in my part of the world the rain is finally pouring down after weeks of cloudy heavy days, electric storms and thunder that rocks the land,that long-awaited rain is falling down, apart from taking us into another season,it is an answer to our prayers.

Now is the time to truly show your gratitude,the land is being restored and nourished after a long  hard summer, the trees,the flowers,the crop land are being generously paid back for their beauty during the summer months, the months that we have admired their beauty and enjoyed their fruits, the wells will be filled, the lakes and rivers will rise and the shortage will be no more, the animals enjoy the fresh water and grass land,and we enjoy the wonderful freshness that is all around,the dust has gone and good clean air is there for us to enjoy, the list goes on and on,imagine how much we should be grateful for, to feel gratitude is a wonderful way to raise your vibrations, positive grateful vibrations, we have many things to be grateful for, but unfortunately we take so much for granted and forget to be thankful for everything we have, a change in season is a perfect time to check our gratitude, it’s a time when our routines change and our thinking caps come back into play, we have time to sit in a comfortable chair,enjoying the new autumn colours and new surroundings, we get time to find our natural gifts and talents,and move forward to the life we are seeking,turn up your vibration to life and what you are seeking, the universe is ready for you, if you are prepared for the universe, a one on one relationship, belief you can step into autumn and life, and get the results you are looking for, set your goals and mind-set and let the beauty and serenity of autumn help you along, enjoy,feel your gratitude and reach for those autumn stars.


Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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