LoA, (Law of Attraction) can work in many ways and will for many people, when we visualise what we want,we dream of the life we want and have a right to, during our sleep we receive many messages of all kinds, some from the past and some are of events to come, when we sleep it is when the subconscious mind, is at it’s best and we are  more likely to get better results than if we were conscious. In our sleep and when we dream we can see ourselves in the life that we want,we are in the situation living every sleeping moment,as if it is now and forever, which for people who have difficulty with meditation can be an easier way to apply LoA .During our sleep we are more restful,receptive and you are not distracted by every day things. We are also in a silent part of the night,peace and quiet is normally all around.Most of our dreams are forgotten after about 9 mins of us waking, we remember small parts, keep a note pad next to the bed if you are looking to resolve a problem or how to go about a new venture for your new life,guidance will come to you and idea’s you may never of thought of to help you reach your goals. Never be afraid to dream of what you want, the size of your desire is the same in your mind as one grain of rice or 1000 grains the subconscious mind can deal with what ever you want, be brave and ask and dream of your greatest desire…………..this is your life………

You, not events, have the power to make yourself  happy or unhappy today. You  can choose which it shall be.

Yesterday is dead- tomorrow has not arrived yet. You have just one day,today,and you are going to be happy in it.

Sweet dreams………………………………………………………………………….

Brooke Universal Life& Relationship Coach


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