We all know we have one heart, but when I look at this tree, I see many hearts and think that we are very similar, we let so many things go through our hearts, we let many things hurt our hearts, we feel pain, joy, happiness and of course the magic word love. There are so many things that affect our heart, we even make decisions from the heart, and we can be strong hearted, weak hearted sensitive and even cold, when needed.

We hold our dreams in our heart, that we should never let go of, these are like tiny seeds that with love and care grow into beautiful things in the future, they also tell us that with love in our hearts we always stay young !

It is also known that the worst prison we can be in, is that of a closed heart,so why do we allow people or ourselves to use our heart as a dustbin to dump all our worries of our life, we really should be storing up wonderful moments of our life, so we have to realize that life cannot give you everything, life gives us space and time, and it’s up to us to us to fill it. When love affects our heart, when we have been hurt, we become maybe so scared to get attached again, we are over powered by fear, thinking that every person we like is going to break your heart, but you know if we have our heart in the right place, the rest of us will follow. Love is a beautiful thing, but it can hurt, and thinking that we cannot live with a broken heart and we pretend to fix it and that way pretend it does not hurt, we have to trust our heart, another little job we give it.

At times it is very difficult to understand why destiny allows certain people into our life, to meet , when there’s no way to be together.But love always finds a way. Love is not what the mind thinks, but what the heart feels, sometimes it’s better to forget how you feel, and remember how valuable you are and what you deserve ! We are lead to believe that the most painful thing in life is losing the one you value, the truth is the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much and forgetting that you are special too (this is referring to a relationship) All hearts hold pain, we express it in different ways, some hide it in their eyes and others in their smile,and at times nothing hurts a good heart and soul more than living amongst people you can’t understand it. It is also said that the most kind-hearted person can turn cold, but that is when they have been pushed to far.

To be kind-hearted is more important than being right, we don’t all need brilliant minds that speak, but a special heart that listens. If something has to feel right and make sense to move forward with ease, if it does not feel right but it seems to make sense, wait a while and question within. And if it feels right but does not make total sense ask the mind to trust the heart a little more, the heart is usually the wiser of the two.

We also call on the heart with decisions, at some point we have to realize that some people can stay in our heart forever, but not in our life, thankful hearts will find at all times lovely things and experiences.

Love is totally unconditional and very much felt with the heart, those who put conditions on their love are selfish and will lose out on what wonderful unconditional love has to offer.

So as you can see, our heart is just like the heart tree ?

The magic of everyone is in their heart and smile




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